Smart asset management

Allinq Insite offers smart and innovative solutions for managing assets online. Our platform facilitates access to detailed 3D models , keeps track of any changes or updates and maximizes the monetary potential of assets. Learn more!




3D view

This feature displays point cloud based 3D models, with a user friendly interface and a variety of tools regarding model interaction. The 3D models can be surveyed digitally, sectioned, measured and even ‘exploded’!




Free space analysis

Each 3D model view has a free and used space filter available for users. This unique feature allows the asset owners and users to always know how much space is available and maximize the asset value. 




Geolocated assets

Smart asset management involves being able to find your assets fast and easy. Our platform displays the world map view with precisely geolocated assets and information for each regarding the general availability.




Request process

By clicking on one of the free space blocks, the users can reserve a spot for their request which can later be approved or denied. If approved, the request will become active and visible on the home page. The process is fast and the information on the platform is available 24/7.




Contract overview

Contract management is one of the features included within our online platform. Both assets owners and users can follow up on the active contracts for each project, as well as add new information or documents. The platform generates a new contract automatically when one of the requests is approved and processed.




Dashboard interface

The strategic and operational dashboards are updated simultaneously with the changes made within the platform. Used as instrument boards, they help users keep track of information regarding revenue, contracts, requests, operators and equipment, by using data visualization graphics.


2D updates

One of the features that sets apart Allinq Insite’s online platform is the 2D drawings update process. Once a request has been approved, not only the 3D model gets updated, but also the users have the option to download the updated 2D drawings in different formats, as well as other related documents. The changes are highlighted with a different color, so they are easily detectable.




Structural scan

As well as 2D updates, the platform also allows users to obtain quick structural scans for each project. The structural report has the purpose to analyze the asset performance and highlight possible scenarios, taking into consideration different aspects such as location, weather condition and landscape in relation with the materials and physical characteristics of the assets.