3D models for US remote engineering

To broaden their knowledge and make inspiring new connections, Allinq Insite regularly visits international fairs. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company got in touch with the American company Ehresmann Engineering. The shared passion in scanning with drones and modeling for intelligent data collection has now resulted in a cross-border collaboration between the two companies.


Ehresmann Engineering USA

Ehresmann Engineering is an American family business that has been focusing on engineering, advice and the manufacturing of high-quality communication masts since 1983. The company uses its expertise for mast owners, telecom companies, energy companies and even border security. In its 40 years of existence, Ehresmann Engineering has become a specialist in location recording, antenna and mast adjustments, construction calculations and data collection by means of scanning with drones and modeling. Especially because of the latter expertise, there was an immediate connection with the Allinq Insite team. Because where passions meet, beautiful things can arise!

Remote engineering

Due to the long travel distances, it is extremely expensive in the United States to always send an engineer to a project to do a location survey; especially if this has to be repeated often due to incomplete registrations. Ehresmann Engineering had therefore been looking for a way to perform engineering and construction calculations of masts remotely for years. An enthusiastic demonstration by Allinq Insite showed that the Dutch company offered exactly the solution that the American company had been looking for for a long time.

Application after a succesful pilot

With a scanning accuracy of up to 1mm, the Allinq Insite team can create highly detailed 3D models. With this accuracy, Ehresmann Engineering can now carry out its construction calculations remotely and thus save a lot of travel costs. To prove this, Allinq Insite converted the supplied drone photos from a highly complex antenna platform with equipment and feeders into a detailed, truthful model. This high-quality evidence showed that the solution Ehresmann Engineering was looking for was already available in the Netherlands. The enthusiasm about these findings recently resulted in a signed contract for a cross-border cooperation. An inspiring collaboration in which our shared passion for intelligent data collection will hopefully continue to find each other for many years!