Business cases

Our work methodology is based on identifying the goal our customers want to achieve and then creating a solution for them that addresses their specific situation. In this way, we ensure high quality results and tangible benefits. Below are some examples of our methodology and how we automate processes and make them efficient and attractive in a short amount of time.

The following case was created as the 2D drawings show only a limited amount of information while the 3D models are capable of showing a variety of realistic rendered objects highlighting important details such as materials, scale and functionality. Furthermore, the 3D models can be used in BIM in order to simulate construction costs and site planning.

The case below was created to explore the levels of detail that can be applied to a 3D model. Complex parametric design to display information about each element independently but also collectively as a project is made easy. The benefits of using different standards of parametric design in relation to the levels of detail are simple 3D model modifications, BIM information availability and fast modelling as the elements are stored in 3D libraries.

The solution for the following case relies mainly on the process of automatization, displaying how a Cell Tower can easily be generated in 3D with the help of a script. The benefits are tremendous, as the work time is considerably reduced, standards are ensured and human errors are avoided. Moreover, the script offers the option of customizing the tower and placing equipment automatically.

This case highlights a possible solution for the presentation of a completed  3D project and the solution is mainly used for marketing purposes.